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Nanoparticles - sizing up skin care


It is extremely rare for anyone involved in the skincare industry to speak up in the way Danné Montague-King has done and I applaud him for this. With decades of experience, his knowledge and passion


Nanoparticles in cosmetic products - good or bad?


Nanoparticles aren't as new as it may seem. They even have a longer history than we would think of. Since human beings have inhabited the earth they have been exposed to small




INTRODUCTION: Publications about and patents on liposomes, along with their different chemical components, preparation, and use in skincare products have often been reviewed. The reviews do not need any additional comments....

Strong effects - phospholipids in cosmetics


Phospholipids are indispensable for the live organism and play an essential role for both health and nutrition due to a great variety of different functions. They also prove to be perfect base substances for cosmetic products.

Encapsulated substances - the capacity of carrier systems


Liposomes and nanoparticles have a high affinity to the horny layer of the skin due to their composition. With the help of these carrier systems water and oil soluble substances can easier penetrate the skin.

Active agents: liposomes, nanoparticles & co


Life can only exist in an atmosphere which provides protection against outside influences. Thus, monocellular living organisms are protected by cell membranes whereas multicellular organisms are provided with an exterior skin whose outermost layer, the epidermis also has a membrane-like structure which together with its specific composition serves as a model for cosmetic and dermatic products.

Universal base creams with membrane structure for skin care, skin protection and dermatics


Even though being the most frequently used additives in water-containing creams, it has already become an open secret, that emulsifiers are not suitable for every type of skin.